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Wolf in a Wind


Some of the meanings of wolf as a tattoo:
Loyalty and Devotion Family
Luck and Fertility
Guidance and Guardianship
Predatory Power and Strength

And that's just the beginning, upon closer look you will most likely notice even more explanations as wolf is portrayed rather controversially. It is a symbol of primal power, dominance, strength, as well popular as an emblem of families. The Wolf is an intelligent guide and a loyal companion. If you see yourself in the eyes of these magnificent creatures, then an intricate tattoo design can channel your inner wolf. Given animal history with mankind, there are a range of symbolic meanings and spiritual concepts on which you can base your design. When it comes to creating the perfect design, the sky is the only limit to your imagination. Regardless of what elements you may add to your piece, think carefully about what the overall meaning of your artwork symbolizes and where your piece will be placed on your body. The best designs can be ruined by poor placement or poor implementation by tattooist (as a matter this is true with all tattoos).