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Dave Wah: Stylized Elephant

Artist: Dave Wah

Dave Wah is an award winning tattoo artist and portrait artist. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, he works at Stay Humble Tattoo Co in Hampden on the corner of 36th street and Chestnut Avenue. He has been tattooing in Maryland since 2002 and is constantly trying to learn and grow in this business.
Dave specializes in black and grey portrait tattoos as well as bold illustrative tattoos, and some of his favorite things to do are neo-traditional and traditional tattoos. Whatever works best for the subject matter and the client. Along with the portrait tattoos he's been really excited to focus on my own style, which tends to blend realistic elements with a neo-traditional tattoo approach. He prides himself in being a well-rounded artist, capable of approaching and tattooing in many different styles, doing whatever it takes to make the tattoo look amazing.